Fasnacht in Switzerland

Fasnacht in Switzerland is following old traditions. Scaring old man winter away with amazing costumes and a lot of noise has a long history. Read an article about Fasnacht in Switzerland here.

Austrian Souvenirs

Read the article from an Austrian about 17 authentic Austrian Souvenirs.

Best of German Architecture 2023

Take a look at just some of the structures that showcase the vast creativity of German architects. Read the Article here.

Culture on the Move

The ‘Culture Train’ links Germany and Poland. Read the article about this train service from Berlin to Wroclaw, which is more than a means of transportation — it also offers a culture program. To read the article on Deutsche Welle, click here.

For all Rammstein fans

Statue of Till Lindemann stolen just hours after unveiling. Read the article.

Cinema, Music and High Culture

A review of 2022: these cultural events made an impact on audiences in Germany. Read the interesting article on Deutschland.de.

Donate to our Charity and Support Young German Language Learners!

Receive a tax receipt by donating to our charity! The Saskatchewan German Culture Assistance Fund Inc. (SGCAF) is SGC’s registered charity, designated to preserving and furthering German culture in the province with the objectives to carry out charitable activities. In return for a tax receipt, the SGCAF accept donations for…

Christmas in Germany

Read about Christmas Traditions in Deutschland.de What is a traditional Christmas like in Germany?

Berlin’s 25-meter tall aquarium bursts

What a disaster. A huge aquarium in Berlin burst on Friday, causing glass, water and hundreds of tropical fish to spill out of the Sea Life tourist attraction in the heart of the German capital. Read the article here.

Gas storage in Germany

Now that Germany is no longer getting gas from Russia, its own gas storage facilities are playing an important role. Where is the gas now coming from, how is it being stored, and what happens when it runs out? Watch the video on Deutsche Welle.