From pioneer homesteader to new immigrant –
the German-Canadians in Saskatchewan

People of German origin comprise a very large part of the Saskatchewan population. Whether a descendant of a German family who emigrated from various places in Europe, or whether born in Germany and now living in Saskatchewan, there is a long history of Germans in Saskatchewan, a great diversity of the origins of Germans, and demographic changes over time.

Public Lecture Series: Culture & History of German-Canadians in the Prairies

This program offers educational talks to gain knowledge on the history of Germans in Saskatchewan. Previous talks include the following titles: The Challenges of Being German in Early 20th Century Saskatchewan, Germans in Saskatchewan: A Diverse Community on a Contested Landscape; An Evening with Mary-Ann Kirkby: The Hutterites and their captivating story; The Roots of the Hutterites; Genealogy and Identity: Rediscovering my German Roots; Who the Mennonites are: A Look at their various Traditions and Beliefs; 250 Years of Alexander von Humboldt.

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History of Saskatchewan: Talks & Webinars

Webinars on the history of Saskatchewan provide information about the land, building the province, settling Saskatchewan, and Treaty People: Indigenous and Métis people in Saskatchewan and relationships with settlers. Webinars and talks are open to newcomers and anyone interested.

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