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Culture in the Kitchen: Recipes from a Multicultural Cooking Series (2022)

1st edition, 100 pages with color photos.

Culture in the Kitchen is a series of multicultural cooking classes hosted by the Saskatchewan German Council who invites other cultural groups to share recipes, stories, and their customs. Using food as a common bond connects people and promotes the appreciation and better understanding of Saskatchewan’s multicultural society.

This book is a collection of all the recipes from previous cooking classes including Germany cooking with China, Norway, Vietnam, Brazil, Nigeria, Saskatchewan, Ukraine, India, Indigenous Saskatchewan, and more.

Price: $25.00

German Settlements in Saskatchewan (2021), Dr. Alan B. Anderson

Revised 3rd edition, 122 pages + 10 photo pages. Read the SaskBooks review here.

People of German ethnic origin comprise a very large part of the Saskatchewan population. This book describes the historical formation and contemporary duration of German settlements in Saskatchewan. As treaty lands were opened for settlement, numerous German settlements were developed by German Catholics and Protestants from South Russia (today Ukraine) and eastern Europe, Mennonites and Hutterites. 

Price: $20.00

Cookbook: A Collection of Austrian, German and Swiss Recipes (2017)

2nd edition, 132 pages with color photos.

Published in co-operation with our member group Kochlöffel & Nudelholz German-Canadian Koch- und Backstudio, this cookbook features wonderful recipes from different regions of Austria, Germany and Switzerland. From the Bavarian Obatzda to the Swiss Riz Casimir, the recipe collection includes appetizers, soups & salads, main courses, breads, desserts, and beverages.

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St. Peters Bote. (2011), Peter M. Sullivan

Learn about the first Catholic German newspaper in Canada. The newspaper addressed the needs of a pioneer community. It is also the story of St. Peter’s Colony. The book is available through our library for loan or purchase.

Price: $10.00

Sudeten in Saskatchewan – A way to be Free (2011), Rita Schilling, 2nd edition

Sudeten Deutsche faced harsh challenges and desperate conditions both in Germany, the Sudetenland and afterward in the new country Canada. They became a vital part of German history in Saskatchewan through their impact and valuable contributions to agriculture and communities. Available through our library to loan or purchase.

Price: $17.00

German Cultural Traditions Series (2010), Saskatchewan German Council Inc.

This series of four books, with full colour photos and text in both English and German, is a fantastic way to learn about the German traditions around Easter, Christmas, Carnival and more.

Price: $12 each / $40 complete set (4 books)

MAP: German Settlements & Communities in Saskatchewan (2005)

The map shows the location of German Settlements according to religious affiliations. From Baptist, Catholic, Lutheran to Mennonite and Hutterite settlements in Saskatchewan. Size: 11 X 17 in

Price $5.00

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