The Singer Wolf Biermann

A new exhibition dedicated to German singer-songwriter and famous former East German dissident Wolf Biermann reflects the history of a divided Germany. Read the interesting article from Deutsche Welle. Article.

Pilates – The Acrobatic Immigrant

Joseph Hubertus Pilates was born in 1883 in Germany. His father, Heinrich Friedrich Pilates was a metal worker and enthusiastic gymnast, and his mother was a housewife. He was a sickly child but overcame his health problems by practicing a healthy lifestyle. Read his story about his internment in Wales…

German News

In June, Germany hosted some superlative events:Berlin was the proud host of the Special Olympics World Games Berlin 2023, the largest inclusive sporting event in the world. The Kieler Woche (Kiel Week), one of the largest sailing events in the world, took place, as did Air Defender 23, the largest air…

Working in Germany

Germany’s parliament on Friday approved plans to attract more skilled workers to Europe’s biggest economy and help address labor shortages in a growing number of professions. Read the article in Euronews here.

Words that only exist in German

Did you know there are words in German, they can’t be found in other languages. We found an interesting article explaining some of them. To read the article on FluentU click here.

Germany’s journey to democracy

It was 175 years ago when Germany’s first freely-elected parliament met in St. Paul’s Church in Frankfurt. The constitution they created is one of the most important chapters in the history of German democracy. Go to to read the full article.

German Language Award

Are you learning German at a Saskatchewan High School? SGCAF is offering two German Language Awards for high school students. Follow the link and send us your application before June 12th. Application form.

Travel Season is here

Are you planing to go to Germany, Austria, Switzerland or Liechtenstein? How do you pay the bill in a German restaurant? Will your debit or credit card work in Austria? Does a North American cell phone work in Europe? These are just a few of the kinds of questions you…

Treffpunkt – Feel the German Culture

Everyone is welcome! Come join us at Treffpunkt in Regina at the Regina German Club on June 10th. We will have a delicious lunch followed by the Special Volunteer Awards presentation. Later you can choose between two interesting events, either a Regina walking tour visiting Regina’s oldest streets, or watch…

Lesser Known German Meals

Erin Porter writes about a mix of German comfort foods and meals he enjoys eating at German restaurants that he had never heard of before coming to Germany. Read the article here