Stories are part of our identity; they keep alive our past and connect to the present and future.

Stories connect us as people, teach us respect for heritage, and help us understand and preserve history. 

Share your immigration story

Saskatchewan is shaped by many stories that make up the cultural diversity and history of this province. Do you have a story to tell about your family’s immigration to Canada & Saskatchewan? New immigrant or early pioneer – if it is important to you, it will be interesting for others.

Your story will be shared in the collection of immigration stories for people to read about the personal history of families and individuals who are connected to this province.

Are you interested to get involved? Contact us.

How to get involved – FAQ

Which stories are eligible?

We are looking for stories of German-Canadians: descendants of ethnic German families who emigrated from Germany as well as other places in Europe, including Hutterites, and Mennonites, who ultimately made Saskatchewan their home. This includes new immigrants as much as earlier homesteaders.

Can I write the story for a family member?

You can write your own story or write for someone else. If you know the family history or if mom and dad don’t know how to use a computer, write it for them. It is a great opportunity to connect and share some family history.

I moved away from Saskatchewan, can I still send in an article?

If your journey includes Saskatchewan but you since moved away, that is acceptable.

Format & Length

We are accepting articles which are two to four pages long. You are welcome to include a maximum of four photos.  Files should be submitted as editable format, such as doc, docx.

I don’t know what to include in my story, how do I start?

Remember, each story is unique. If events and experiences were important to you, they are interesting for others. When writing, think about including the following:
– Your full name, the names of people who are part of your story.
– Country of origin, your family & life back home, reasons for leaving your country, preparing to emigrate.
– How did you travel to Canada? Experiences on your journey.
– Coming to Canada, making a new home, place of settlement, describe your new life, what do you miss?
– Challenges and positive experiences


Your voice is important! SGC will keep the message of your story untouched but will retain the right to correct spelling and grammatical errors. If necessary, we might make suggestions for a better flow or the story. The SGC is not responsible for accuracy of timelines, events, and history in your article.