German Language Scholarships & Language Awards

Recognizing academic achievements with German language learners in Saskatchewan through language scholarships and awards.

Saskatchewan German Council Scholarship In Memory of Dr. Brian McKinstry.

In 1996, the SGC decided to recognize academic achievement and encourage students to pursue undergraduate studies in German at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon and the University of Regina. Therefore, two $500 annual scholarships were created, one at each of Saskatchewan’s universities. In 2007, the scholarship was renamed the Saskatchewan German Council Scholarship In Memory of Dr. Brian McKinstry.

Selections are made based on student academic achievement evaluated by the Award Committees of both institutions. Below is a list of the scholarship recipients since 1997.

Contact the University of Saskatchewan and the University of Regina directly for this scholarship.

Past Recipients

Past Recipients of the Scholarship In Memory of Dr. Brian McKinstry
YearUniversity of SaskatchewanUniversity of Regina
2020Roman ChorneykoHamza Elshakankiri
2019Emma SanderKristian Josephson
2018Paula KlassenJordan Howie
2017Adam EppJamie LaRose
2016No AwardNo Award
2015No AwardNo Award
2014Felipe Del Campo DonosoJennifer Sargeant-Radomski
2013No AwardAimee Lynn Penner-Mayoh
2012Orhan YilmazNo Award
2011No AwardAndrea Lee Nillson
2010Melanie LipinskiKirsty Lee Sigmeth
2009No AwardRebecca Jensen
2008No AwardMelanie Little
2007No AwardJulia Hartman
2006No AwardTravis Ziegler
2005Elysia HuntVologdymyr Zavadskyi
2004No AwardJanet Janzen
2003No AwardCalista Meinert
2002Christopher CoxKaren Jaster-Laforge
2001No AwardCrystal Sannes
2000Andrea NewshamNo Award
1999No AwardDesiree Glendening
1997Jana WarbanskiNo Award

SGCAF German Language Award for High School Students

Every June, our charity the Saskatchewan German Culture Assistance Fund (SGCAF) provides two annual awards of $500 each for high school students finishing German 20 or 30 in Saskatchewan. Eligible students have to acquire or maintain German language in Saskatchewan.

Deadline for the next German Language Award is June 2023. The application documents will be ready in early 2023.