German Education in Saskatchewan

Anyone can learn German – whether for travel, business, global understanding or to connect to the heritage, from youth to adults!

If you are traveling to Germany for leisure or work and want to learn German, there are a variety of German schools in the province for you to chose from! Classes are available for everyone, from children’s classes to adults, credit classes to individual tutoring.

Why learn German?

Learn German to advance in STEM fields in German-speaking countries, to get a better cultural understanding, for business opportunities, for traveling and studying, or to speak to Opa and Oma. The reasons to learn German are endless!

For inquiries about German languages classes, please contact the schools directly!

German Language Schools in Saskatchewan

Raising Children with more than one language

Most immigrant parents will experience their children learning English faster than they do. They may experience as well that their children reply in English while they speak their mother tongue to them. Why? These guides should answer the most important questions about raising children bilingually.