Your donation will make an impact on our community!

Culture has a strong social impact on the life of people of Saskatchewan. Creating a stronger and more vibrant community in Saskatchewan with your donation!

Donations to the Saskatchewan German Council

If a tax receipt is not important, invest in the community by donating to the Saskatchewan German Council. Donations will be accepted to further German language, traditions and culture for all people of Saskatchewan by engaging people of all ages to become active and involved partners in a vibrant multicultural community.

When you donate to the SGC, you can make a general donation or earmark your donation to support the following initiatives:

Member Support: support SGC member groups with their activities, such as Christmas markets, choir concerts, cooking classes, German language classes, film nights, and more.

Postillion Newsletter: support the production of SGC’s quarterly newsletter to keep the community up to date with member news, and articles ranging from history, traditions, science, art, language, and more, all related to Germans in Saskatchewan.

Celebrating Culture: support SGC programs such as Immigration Stories, Festival & Events, Culture & History Talks, Youth Programs, Podcast Series, and more.

General Donation: your donation will go to where it is most needed.

Donations to our charity the Saskatchewan German Culture Assistance Fund

Receive a tax receipt by donating to our charity! The Saskatchewan German Culture Assistance Fund Inc. (SGCAF) is a registered charity, designated to preserving and furthering German culture, traditions, language and education.

When you donate to the SGCAF, your funds will support the German Language Award for High School Students. Every year, the SGCAF provides two awards of $500 each for high school students finishing German 20 or 30 in Saskatchewan. We are proud to encourage students to pursue the studying of the German language, deepen their understanding of the German culture, foster cross-cultural understanding, and open doors for experiences abroad.

If you have any more questions about making a donation, please contact us.