Looking to add some cultural displays to your community event?

The SGC has a variety of exhibits for rent or loan to make your next event even more attractive for your audience. Contact us to rent an exhibit.

Diversity of Austria Banners

The Austrian banners “Beyond Alps & Apfelstrudel” showcase both, the traditional and modern Austria, its rich culture and history, famous cuisine, stunning architecture and much more. The banners also include information on Austrian migration to Canada and recognize famous Austrian-Canadians in Saskatchewan.

The 9 pop-up banners include the following topics: Architecture & Buildings, Art & Literature, Music, History, Public Figures, Facts, Cultural Traditions, and Traditional Cuisine.

Diversity of Germany Banners

The German banners “Beyond Autobahn and Oktoberfest” introduce different aspects of the German culture, traditions, and language. The exhibit includes aspects of history and conversation-starting facts about well-known public figures of Germany.

The 12 pop-up tri-fold banners include the following topics:  Language, Waves of Immigrants to Canada, Art & Architecture, Literature, Music, Fact on Germany, History of the 20th Century, Public Figures, Cultural Traditions, Invented in Germany and Traditional Cuisine.

Luther Exhibit

Host your own poster exhibition “#HereIStand. Martin Luther, the Reformation and its Results” shows the upheavals of the 16th century delivered through 16 modern, attractively designed and informative posters. Spark interest in this German history that changed Western civilization forever.

The exhibit consists of sixteen framed posters and may be displayed hanging or on supplied easels. The following eight topics are presented in the exhibition #HereIStand:

  • “ORIGINS” – Martin Luther must be seen against the background of the Middle Ages
  • “SPHERES OF LIFE” – The world around 1500 and the Sale of Indulgences
  • “AWAKENING” – Severe criticism of the pope and the Church, start of the Reformation
  • “SUCCESSES” -the Reformation movement, translation of the Bible
  • “CRISIS” -Division of the Church led to social crisis
  • “CHANGE OF PERSPECTIVE”- positive changes to social order and gender roles
  • “POSTERITY” – A look at the modern day effects of the Protestant Reformation
  • “OUTLOOK” – conclusion

Ortszeit / Local Time

A poster exhibition by photographer Stefan Kappelkamm with photos from buildings, streets and squares in East Germany before and after the Fall of the Berlin Wall.

While travelling around East Germany in 1990 – after the fall of the Wall but before reunification – Stefan Koppelkamm found himself wanting to take photographs that would capture a state of affairs he assumed would never recur. The buildings, streets and squares he photographed often looked as though time had stood still, together conveying an idea of how Germany might have looked before the Second World War. Ten or twelve years later, Stefan Koppelkamm sought all these places out again and photographed them for a second time, from exactly the same viewpoints. Changes in the condition of the buildings and even in the most trivial minor features reflect the dramatic social and economic transformation that came about between the first and the second set of photographs.

The poster exhibit consists of 12 posters mounted on foam board.