Miniseries on Netflix: The Billion Dollar Code

Netflix has a new miniseries out, called The Billion Dollar Code. Its based on a true story that tells of how two German developers sued Google for patent infringement, arguing that Google Earth blatantly appropriated their own Terravision program from the 1990s. The show makes the case into an enthralling,…

Europe’s First Quantum Computer with more than 5,000 Qubits Launched at Jülich

A quantum computer with more than 5,000 qubits has gone into operation at Forschungszentrum Jülich. The project is a cooperation between the Jülich Supercomputing Center (JSC) and the Canadian hardware manufacturer D-Wave Systems, one of the leading providers of quantum computer systems based in Burnaby, British Columbia. The new system…

Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue 2022

Register for the 8th Berlin Energy Transitiona Dialogue on March 29 to 30!The annual international forum where the world’s energy leaders meet. “Since 2015 the Berlin Energy Transition Dialogue has become the leading international forum for high-level policymakers, industry, science and civil society to exchange ideas for a safe, affordable…

72nd Berlin International Film Festival

Did you know that the “Berlinale is the world’s largest public film festival and will be screening 256 movies this year”? The festival is underway until February 20. Curious about the cinema in Germany? Find out more. See if you can recognize a few of these German actors in recent…

German-Canadian call for hydrogen cooperation

The government of Canada and Germany are offering funding opportunities for joint projects to “produce, store, and distribute and integrate green hydrogen into energy systems.” Continue reading. (Article is written in German.)

Frankfurt Book Fair – Saskatchewan Books & More

Canada was the Guest of Honour at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair in October. Find information on Saskatchewan books at the book fair, Canadian titles translated into German (Kanadische Autor*innen in Übersetzung) and a selection of Canadian titles for the German market. Happy reading!

Glockenspiel in Regina

The Glockenspiel at Regina’s City Square Plaza is playing again! The Glockenspiel stood in Victoria Park from 1986 to 2010, was removed during constructions, restored, then re-installed in 2020. Hear the Glockenspiel play here! (Video and pictures by Gerald Freyer, Postillion Editor)

European Union Film Festival

Taking place from November 12 to 28, the three festival presenters in Canada (in Ottawa, Vancouver, and Toronto), along with the Delegation of the European Union to Canada and the EU Member States, have decided to bring you another exciting virtual version of the EUFF in November 2021. More information…

Holocaust Education Month in Ottawa

November is Holocaust Education Month in Ottawa. Jewish-German history dates back 1,700 years, beginning with a Roman decree in 321 CE. The anniversary year of 2021 commemorates Germany’s vibrant Jewish community and aims to capture the richness of German-Jewish heritage. At the intersection of these two dates, we would like…

Canadian Authors at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Canada was the Guest of Honour at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair, which took place from October 19-23, with the motto “Singular Plurality – Singulier Pluriel”. While many Canadian authors decided not to make the trip due to Covid concerns, some did. Read their experiences here.