Beer Hiking in Franconia

Everything you wanted to ask about Franconia beer, but were too afraid to ask. You would like to read the full article from Discover Germany? Click here.

Wilhelm Röntgen passed away 100 Years ago

Did you know, Wilhelm Röntgen, who first discovered the X-rays, lived from March 27th, 1845 to February 10th, 1923. So he passed away 100 years ago. To read more about this exceptional German scientist you can read an article on Wikipedia in English here, or a German news article on…

Shrove Tuesday in Munic

A mass of gently swaying people occupies the Viktualienmarkt in central Munich. The long-established market is a popular place for both city residents and visitors to purchase gourmet food and drink, but Tuesday afternoons are rarely this busy: Faschingsdienstag is not an ordinary Tuesday, however. Read the article by Stuart…

Best of German Architecture 2023

Take a look at just some of the structures that showcase the vast creativity of German architects. Read the Article here.

Culture on the Move

The ‘Culture Train’ links Germany and Poland. Read the article about this train service from Berlin to Wroclaw, which is more than a means of transportation — it also offers a culture program. To read the article on Deutsche Welle, click here.

For all Rammstein fans

Statue of Till Lindemann stolen just hours after unveiling. Read the article.

Cinema, Music and High Culture

A review of 2022: these cultural events made an impact on audiences in Germany. Read the interesting article on

Christmas in Germany

Read about Christmas Traditions in What is a traditional Christmas like in Germany?

Gas storage in Germany

Now that Germany is no longer getting gas from Russia, its own gas storage facilities are playing an important role. Where is the gas now coming from, how is it being stored, and what happens when it runs out? Watch the video on Deutsche Welle.