Immigration Stories

The immigration story of Gregor & Ilona Beck, originating from German families, deeply connected to agricultural-related enterprises, is now online. They relocated to Saskatchewan, bringing knowledge and skills, which made them a perfect match for Saskatchewan. Their journey is now documented online, shedding light on their transition and the contributions…

German bread – world famous and diverse

Dive into the flavourful landscape of German bread, where over 3000 diverse types tantalize taste buds. From rustic Vollkornbrot to artisanal specialities, Germany’s bread heritage is a culinary journey worth savouring. Read the article.

Halloween in German speaking countries

Halloween and Pumpkin Festivals in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. It is not a traditional celebration there, but things are changing. Read the article here.

“Recognition for Germany” WebTutorial – A Valuable Resource

This free WebTutorial focuses on “Working and Living in Germany” and offers valuable guidance and insights for individuals starting their journey in the country. The International Services provides information and advisory services to support foreign employees, helping them navigate Germany and feel welcome, before and after their arrival.

The Oktoberfest Edition – CBC – Blue Sky Radio

On September 29th we took you listeners on a virtual Oktoberfest adventure. We learned some of the history of Oktoberfest from CBC’s Theresa Kliem, we checked in with German Club festivities happening in Regina and Saskatoon and we learned about why some people this province love polka music thanks to…

German Heritage Month

Dear Friends! In December 2016, the Canadian Parliament officially declared October “German Heritage Month” in order to “recognize the contributions that German-Canadians have made to Canadian society, the richness of the German language and culture, and the importance of educating and reflecting upon German heritage for future generations, and that the…

German Mini Lesson Teachers needed

German language speakers needed! The Mini Language Lesson Program matches language instructors with schools for  8 hours of language & cultural instruction. Language instructors are paid an honorarium of $300.00 plus expenses (travel, meals, etc). You don’t have to be a licensed teacher to participate, just have fun! Poster

Cultural Events in Germany and Austria

We might be coming to the end of summer but that doesn’t mean there is nothing to do, far from it. From the legendary Oktoberfest in Munich to film festivals, wine events and stage plays – take your pick. Check out the events here.

Enrich Your Portfolio – Learn German!

Learning a new language is essential in today’s evolving world. German, spoken by over 90 million people globally, offers a rich history, vibrant culture, and practical benefits. It opens doors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and beyond. Read the full article from the Consulate General in Vancouver.

What is new at the Oktoberfest 2023 in Munich

From September 16th to October 3rd, the largest folk festival in the world takes place on the Theresienwiese. At the 188th Oktoberfest this year, you can celebrate for a whole 18 days. The start will be the traditional tapping of the barrel by Mayor Dieter Reiter on September 16 at…