Potato and Sausage Soup – Gascha

“I’m afraid there really is no substitute for the Hutterite sausage Samstich Wurscht to get the ultimate flavour for this soup because it relies so much on the sausage juices for the flavouring, but I am sure other coils of sausage will do as well. In many Hutterite communities, Gascha is served for dinner on Saturday, accompanied by fresh buns, and Sauer Kraut. Fruit Mues is served for dessert.”


4 cups cubed potatoes
1 1⁄2 quarts water (approximately)
1 large onion
coil of sausage
dried parsley and chives
salt and pepper to taste


Cook onions in water until they’re tender, then add the cubed potatoes and cook them together until the potatoes are soft.

Then add the sausage and cover the pot and let the meat steam for about 15 minutes.

Just before the soup is ready to be served, pierce the entire length of the sausage with a sharp knife to release the juices into the soup.

That is what gives the soup its good flavour.

Credit (Recipe and Photo): Secrets of a Hutterite Kitchen: Unveiling the Rituals, Traditions, and Food of the Hutterite Culture by Mary-Ann Kirkby