Marble Cake – Marmorkuchen

Marble cake is a classic that everyone likes to eat. With our basic recipe, this favourite made from chocolate and vanilla dough turns out to be particularly tasty!


180 ml (¾ cup) butter
2 tablespoons butter
355 ml (1 ½ cups) sugar
Pinch of salt
5 eggs
770 ml (3 ¼ cups) flour
120 ml (½ cup) milk
100 g (¾ cup) semi-sweet chocolate
½ teaspoon cocoa powder
½ teaspoon vanilla extract


Beat softened butter, sugar and salt together with stand mixer or hand mixer in a bowl. Slowly add each egg, mixing well in between each until batter is foamy.

Mix flour and baking powder and sift onto batter. Add flour in spoon-by-spoon for best results. Add milk and combine well. Add milk slowly for best results. Adding slightly more milk might be necessary as batter should be slightly runny.

Divide batter into two equal parts. Grease your bundt cake form with butter, then dust with flour. Add first part of batter.

Melt chocolate, then mix with cocoa powder and vanilla into remaining part of batter. Add into bundt cake form.

Take fork and swirl around in batter, slightly mixing both batters, to give cake desired marble effect. Bake at 180°C (350°F) in pre-heated oven for 80 minutes, or until tooth pick comes out clean.

Credit: Backen ist Liebe: Guter Deutscher Kuchen