Mennonite Yeast Rolls – Mennoniten Brötchen

If you love baking breads, buns and rolls and baking is therapeutic for you, this recipe is for you!


120 ml (½ cup) warm water
2 tablespoons yeast
120 g (½ cup) butter
2 cups milk
80 g (⅓ cup) sugar
2 teaspoons salt 
750 g – 875 g (6 to 7 cups) all purpose flour


In small bowl, stir together warm water and yeast, then let sit while mixing rest of ingredients.

Heat in saucepan heat all remaining ingredients, except flour, until butter is melted, and sugar and salt are dissolved. Let rest until lukewarm.

With electric mixer, combine butter and milk mixture with yeast mixture.

Slowly add in 750 g (6 cups) of all purpose flour, and knead in. Dough should be somewhat sticky, but still firm. If dough is still too sticky once all flour has been mixed in, add up to another cup of flour in half cup increments (up to 7 cups total).

Knead until smooth and elastic, but still somewhat sticky.

Put dough in greased bowl and lightly grease top of dough.

Let rise for about 45 minutes or until doubled. Heating pad can be used to speed up process.

Once done, punch down dough.

Grease three 22.9 cm (9″) round pans. Grease hands with oil if necessary for next step.

Pull off large, roughly walnut-sized balls, and knead them until smooth, then tuck ends up into the bottom center to make smooth top.

Put 8 to 12 rolls in each pan, though amount can be adjusted depending on size of rolls.

Let rise for about 15 minutes.

Bake in oven preheated to 180°C (350°F) for 18 minutes.

Credit: The Fewell Homestead