German Pancakes – Deutsche Pfannkuchen

A German classic for the whole family to enjoy. This simple, quick basic recipe is suitable for either sweet or savoury versions.


1 liter milk
8 eggs
20 tablespoons flour
pinch of salt
sugar (to taste)


Mix all ingredients well starting with milk and eggs. Add the flour spoon by spoon using a regular spoon, not the measuring spoons. The more flour you add the thicker the dough gets. Let the dough sit so that the flour can soak and thicken. Stir before using. If you like thin pancakes, you want a thin dough. However, if you prefer your pancake a bit thicker, make sure you use a bit more flour.

Heat your pan. I recommend a pan that has low edges, if you have a crepes pan you should use that. Add a little bit of oil and make sure it is hot before using. Take a ladle full of dough and pour into your pan. When the upside of the pancake is not liquid anymore you can flip it. Brown both sides and stack on a separate plate. Serve warm.

Germans eat their pancakes with sugar, marmalade or jelly, sugar/cinnamon mix or Nutella. There are those that like them more savoury with cheese and ham. German pancakes are supposed to be rolled up, so when you fill them do not overfill.

Credit: Madeleine Hermann, Leipzig, Germany