The Saskatoon Concordia Brass Band

SaskScapes – Episode 107

Love it or not, there is no denying that the old-time sounds of polka and “oompah” are alive and well. It may be a tough sell for some, but if you open your heart and your ears and set your toes a-tappin’ you’ll be hooked. It’s near impossible to have a bad day after listening to this style of music! In this episode Kevin Power spends time with the Saskatoon Concordia Brass band as they rehearse for their spring 2023 performance. The first of many they will have this year. These folks are committed to this style of music, and they are committed to each other as fellow band members – always there to support whether good day or bad. Kevin also pops in on a special guest who is a walking encyclopedia of music in Saskatchewan and beyond, and a self-professed lover of the polka since childhood.