Holocaust Education Month in Ottawa

November is Holocaust Education Month in Ottawa. Jewish-German history dates back 1,700 years, beginning with a Roman decree in 321 CE. The anniversary year of 2021 commemorates Germany’s vibrant Jewish community and aims to capture the richness of German-Jewish heritage. At the intersection of these two dates, we would like to invite you to join the German Embassy in Canada and Alexander Green for a live virtual tour through Jewish Berlin – Then and Now.

You will discover the history and circumstances leading up to and following World War II and the persecution by the Nazis. Berlin also stands for the development of a diverse population and Jewish community attracting people from different places that have formed the identity of this city through centuries. In the tour, you will learn about the contribution of Jews to the cultural and economic fabric of Berlin. Learn about the first modern school founded by Moses Mendelssohn, wherein 18th century Jews and Christians studied together or the creation of liberal Jewish institutions that lead to the ordination of the first woman as Rabbi – before World War II. During the tour, you will experience the bustling streets of the former Jewish neighbourhood that nowadays has become an attraction because of its cultural heritage as well as its cafés, boutiques, and galleries. The experience will be enriched by the historic material shown on your screen and Alexander Green’s animated and personal tour. Additionally, you are invited to participate with questions and remarks during the live tour.

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