Upcoming deadlines for the DAAD

The Deutscher Akademischer Austauschdienst offers scholarships throughout the year. The deadlines for the fall have been announced, the page will be updated as new information becomes available. Review the deadlines here.

Spring Postillion and Kinder & Jugendseiten

The new 2022 Spring Postillion is now available online! Kinder & Jugendseiten: In the 2022 Spring Postillion on page 26 of the print version and on page 28 of the online version, there is a list of around 20 words that have been almost forgotten in the German language. Were…

Archives at the University of Winnipeg

The University of Winnipeg German-Canadian Studies program is in the initial phase of setting up an archive of German-Canadian personal documents, diaries, letters, and photographs. They are asking anyone with stories of immigration, and first impressions of Canada from German-Canadians to be submitted! More information here.

German Culture Online

Saskatchewan German Council is on YouTube! Celebrate German culture online with recipes of Käsespätzle (German Cheese Spätzle), Grießnockerlsuppe (Semolina Dumpling Soup), cultural crafts for kids, German-English story time, a walk through Berlin, and much more. Check out SGC’s YouTube channel.

Canadian Authors at the Frankfurt Book Fair

Canada was the Guest of Honour at this year’s Frankfurt Book Fair, which took place from October 19-23, with the motto “Singular Plurality – Singulier Pluriel”. While many Canadian authors decided not to make the trip due to Covid concerns, some did. Read their experiences here.

DAAD RISE Germany – Research Internships

RISE Germany offers undergraduate students from North American universities the opportunity to complete a summer research internship in the fields of Science or Engineering at top German universities and research institutions. This program is funded by the German Federal Foreign Office. More information here.

Internship with Copernicus Berlin

COPERNICUS BERLIN, is a Berlin association that has been offering international scholarships and internship programs for 21 years. Since 2000 they have invited more than 1000 scholarship holders and program participants to Germany. They are pleased to announce that the LEADERS for FUTURE summer internship program is now open to…