Newcomers and mental health: The toll of living in two worlds

When Theresa Kliem immigrated to Canada from she was keenly aware of her homesickness. It made her curious about the mental health of other immigrants – especially ones in smaller communities. Her documentary on the subject “The Newcomers” introduces us to people making a new life in small town Saskatchewan.…

“Recognition for Germany” WebTutorial – A Valuable Resource

This free WebTutorial focuses on “Working and Living in Germany” and offers valuable guidance and insights for individuals starting their journey in the country. The International Services provides information and advisory services to support foreign employees, helping them navigate Germany and feel welcome, before and after their arrival.

German Heritage Month

Dear Friends! In December 2016, the Canadian Parliament officially declared October “German Heritage Month” in order to “recognize the contributions that German-Canadians have made to Canadian society, the richness of the German language and culture, and the importance of educating and reflecting upon German heritage for future generations, and that the…

German Mini Lesson Teachers needed

German language speakers needed! The Mini Language Lesson Program matches language instructors with schools for  8 hours of language & cultural instruction. Language instructors are paid an honorarium of $300.00 plus expenses (travel, meals, etc). You don’t have to be a licensed teacher to participate, just have fun! Poster

Enrich Your Portfolio – Learn German!

Learning a new language is essential in today’s evolving world. German, spoken by over 90 million people globally, offers a rich history, vibrant culture, and practical benefits. It opens doors in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and beyond. Read the full article from the Consulate General in Vancouver.

Travel destination Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a captivating travel destination for several reasons. Firstly, it boasts breathtaking natural landscapes, including lush forests, picturesque valleys, and charming villages. Secondly, Luxembourg City, the capital, a UNESCO World Heritage site with its stunning historic architecture and vibrant cultural scene. Additionally, the country’s rich history, diverse cuisine, and warm…

Interested in studying in Germany? Check out these scholarship options.

The DAAD – German Academic Exchange Service offers scholarships for music, performing arts, architecture, research visits to Germany and more. The first round of fall deadlines for DAAD programs in support of research and study have been announced. Check out the scholarship option here.

The State of Cultural Clubs in Saskatchewan

Our communities continue to become more and more diverse right across the province and each year — in the two biggest cities, festivals are held to collectively showcase that. In many cases, it’s the cultural clubs that keep people together and help put on those pavilions one weekend each year.…

Words that only exist in German

Did you know there are words in German, they can’t be found in other languages. We found an interesting article explaining some of them. To read the article on FluentU click here.

German Language Award

Are you learning German at a Saskatchewan High School? SGCAF is offering two German Language Awards for high school students. Follow the link and send us your application before June 12th. Application form.