Oscar-Nominated German Movie & Actress

On March 10, 2024, at the Dolby Theatre in Hollywood, the 96th Academy Awards, by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, will celebrate the standout films of 2023. Notably, a German movie and actress have received nominations, adding diversity to the lineup. Read more here.

Online Advent Calendar

Our Advent Calendar, featuring 24 Christmas markets in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Luxembourg, and Canada (including Saskatchewan), is now available online. Each day, a new market will be revealed, accompanied by its history, German traditions, Christmas recipes, and crafts. Additionally, interactive games and quizzes for both kids and adults will be…

The Singer Wolf Biermann

A new exhibition dedicated to German singer-songwriter and famous former East German dissident Wolf Biermann reflects the history of a divided Germany. Read the interesting article from Deutsche Welle. Article.

Bernhard Bettermann, an Interview

Discover Germany, Austria & Switzerland met up with actor Bernhard Bettermann to talk about his role in the popular TV series ‘In Aller Freundschaft‘, his love for Switzerland, his future goals and much more. Read the full article here.

Oscar Winning Film ‘All Quiet on the Western Front’

The anti-war drama won four Oscars, including for the haunting music composed by Volker Bertelmann, aka Hauschka. The German composer told DW how hard it was to capture the horror of war in music. Read the full article on ‘Deutsche Welle’ here.

Best of German Architecture 2023

Take a look at just some of the structures that showcase the vast creativity of German architects. Read the Article here.

Culture on the Move

The ‘Culture Train’ links Germany and Poland. Read the article about this train service from Berlin to Wroclaw, which is more than a means of transportation — it also offers a culture program. To read the article on Deutsche Welle, click here.

For all Rammstein fans

Statue of Till Lindemann stolen just hours after unveiling. Read the article.

Cinema, Music and High Culture

A review of 2022: these cultural events made an impact on audiences in Germany. Read the interesting article on Deutschland.de.

Scherenschnitte & Scissor Cuts

Since SGC is featuring German Canadian Artists in the 2022 Advent Calendar, we would like to remember our collaboration with OSAC, Organization of Saskatchewan Art Councils, in 2019. Read the article from the summer Postillion 2019 about the Scherenschnitte & Scissor Cuts travel exhibit Traditional vs. “spooky folk” : An…