Village of Edenwold Cultural Committee


Ross Zimmermann

Phone: 306-347-2975

Office: 306-771-2522



To act in the interest of the community of Edenwold.


The Village of Edenwold was founded in 1912.

The first German settlers appeared in the community of Edenwold starting in the late 1800s. The Bukowinian Germans who immigrated at the time, for most part, remained in the community and thus, their families formed the root stock of the community today. The Village of Edenwold’s population has increased slightly over the years to where it is today at approximately 226.

Edenwold got its name when Reverend H. Schmieder came to the district of Neu Tulscha in 1889. The appearance of the region reminded him of the Garden of Eden. Because of the abundance of aspen groves, Philip Mang, Sr. remarked that it looked more like the “Woods of Eden”; thus the name “Edenwald” was coined. This name was sent to Ottawa for registration. There, a slight error was made by changing the “a” to an “o” and so we have Edenwold.

Over the past several years, although the number of businesses has decreased significantly, population numbers have increased. Families are enjoying the quiet, small town living. As an added bonus, our community is fortunate to have an excellent preschool and elementary school to grade six.