Skat Club Saskatoon


Shelley Hungness, President



Our organization is devoted to promoting Skat and organizing Skat tournaments.

Brief History

Skat is right at home in SaSKAToon. The Skat Club was founded in 1969. The first club champion was Hermann Schnackenberg. The club has twice hosted the North-American Skat Championship in Saskatoon. A team of four Saskatoon Players, Werner Röwekamp, Hans-Jürgen Steinmentz, Willi Halt and Wilfried Eckl won the title of Canadian Skat Champion in 1990 in Montreal. Skat Club members have been participating at European and World Championships since 1992.

One of the club members, Hans-Jürgen Steinmetz, is also the president of the ISPA (International Skat Players Association) Canada and a player for the Canadian National team. The Canadian National team, which has 12 players from across Canada, has won numerous international medals and championships. In 2006 and 2008 the National team won back to back titles at the World Championship’s.

Every year the Skat Club hosts a tournament for players from all over North America.

What is Skat?

Skat is the national card game of Germany and one of the best card games for three players. It was invented around 1810 in the town of Altenburg in Thuringia, about 40 km south of Leipzig, Germany. Skat is played by 20 million people worldwide. The governing world body of Skat is the International Skat Players Association (ISPA).