German Canadian Society Harmonie (Regina German Club)


Kerri Van Loosen, President

(306) 352-5897



The Regina German Club have by and large always been social and cultural in nature.

The basic objective of this club is to promote the mutual understanding of the German and Canadian cultures, and to aid and encourage social and community life among Canadians of German birth or decent in the city of Regina or elsewhere in the Province of Saskatchewan.

The club also promotes, assists, and co-operates with other associations whose objectives are to further the German language, culture, traditions, and heritage.


The Regina German Club, also known as the German Canadian Society “Harmonie”, was founded in 1955 by a small group of Saskatchewan-based families interested in preserving the rich Germanic history, culture, language, and traditions of their homeland. Since then, the Regina German Club has grown to support local partnerships and other non-profits that help promote German culture in Saskatchewan. We participate in many cultural events throughout the city, as well as hosting other public and private events. Our activities continue to welcome people from all different backgrounds and contribute to the rich multicultural fabric Saskatchewan is known for. Come and experience the Gemütlichkeit (fellowship) of Germany with us!