Das Schulhaus – Regina German Language School Inc.


Dave Wentworth, Coordinator

(306) 684-9638


Mission Statement

To found an active non-profit German Language School for the Regina Community and area to teach and promote the German language and culture in a contemporary, efficient and non-political environment.

Vision Statement

To create a respectful, transparent and collaborative school culture with quality education based on a fresh and lively approach.


Das Schulhaus was founded in 2011. The founders of Das Schulhaus — a small group of teachers and parents — wanted to bring a fresh approach to German language instruction and cultural engagement, while continuing the 60-year legacy of earlier institutions.

In October 2011, six women from the Regina German community got together of open a new, fresh, non-profit language school to benefit a community, where 30% of the population are of German heritage and form the largest ethnic group in Saskatchewan.