Concordia Alpenrose Schuhplattler Verein


Anna Schmidt





The Concordia Alpenrose Schuhplattler Verein was founded in 1981 with an objective to practice and perform German folk dance. Over the last decades, the group has been entertaining at events across Saskatchewan, Canada and the United States. They can also be seen performing during Saskatoon’s Folkfest and Oktoberfest.

The group has a beautiful collection of traditional costumes, each varying in appearance based on the region it comes from. Through the years the costumes have been handmade by different individuals or ordered from European specialty shops.

The group is a member of the Saskatchewan German Council and holds an associate membership with the Gauverband Nordamerika, an organization dedicated to preserving and perpetuating the cultural heritage of Bavaria and Tyrol.

They currently have dancers, ranging in age from 16 to 60, and are always looking to expand their membership. They practice weekly, there are no membership fees and no dance experience is necessary!