Austrian Hunting and Fishing Club


Randy Hallemann



The Austrian Hunting and Fishing club (Österreichischer Jagd und Fisch Verein Waldmannsheil) was formed in 1977. The purpose of the club is to share and preserve the love for the out doors lifestyle hunting and fishing and camping .

The club is a sub group of “The Austrian Canadian Edelweiss club of Regina”. As such has supported the main club by providing volunteers for various functions over the years.

Hunting and Fishing in Austria is very different than in Canada. However, many of our founding members that grew up in rural Austria, did not just hunt and fish but pick berries and mushrooms in the forest and would also practice their marksmanship.

Our primary activities are Target shooting (Twice a month from September until May). Group fishing, winter and summer. Monthly meetings where we share tall tales, recipes, and discuss news about fishing and hunting in Saskatchewan.