Austrian Canadian Edelweiss Club


Lois Shoulak and D’Arcy Schenk

(306) 789-9976




To preserve, celebrate and advance Austrian customs and traditions.


  • Hunting Club (Jagd- und Fischverein)
  • Ladies Auxiliary
  • Edelweiss Dance Group


Through the years 1953 to 1955 many young Austrian men and women heard the call of a promise for a better future and boarded ships for a two week journey to the land of opportunity, to Canada. For some, the city of Regina became their new home. As Austrian immigration to Canada continued, the new arrivals were drawn together by a shared heritage. They found support, comfort, camaraderie and the opportunity to reminisce about the old country by banding together.

The club was founded in 1972 after John Jost came home one day to find five friends in his living room who wanted to have a place to celebrate all that is Austrian. For seven years the members met at a small clubhouse at 1459 Retallack Street, which John had purchased. Then one day, after speaking with Mayor Baker, the club purchased a piece of wheat field where the spacious club house now stands. Using the skills and trades acquired in Austria, the members volunteered countless hours to construct their present cultural home.

The club has hosted many important events including functions for Prime Minister Paul Martin, Lieutenant Governor Lynda Haverstock and a celebration in 1996 honouring 1000 years of Austrian culture. Besides being an important cultural centre the Edelweiss Club operates a successful restaurant business that serves Regina’s industrial area.