American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, Regina Chapter


Alvin Knoll, President

(306) 352-5114



The American Historical Society of Germans from Russia is an international organization dedicated to the discovery, collection, preservation and the dissemination of information related to the history, cultural heritage and genealogy of Germanic settlers in the Russian Empire and their descendants.


The American Historical Society of Germans from Russian was founded in 1968 in Colorado and is now headquartered in Lincoln Nebraska. The Regina Chapter is one of its 50 International chapters.

The Regina Chapter was chartered on July 14th 1980, and incorporated as a non-profit organization. Our banner was designed of brown jute with logos of a wheat sheaf and a spinning wheel. These represent the agricultural background and culture of our ancestors who accepted the invitation and took up the challenge as “ New Canadians.” They had been led to believe that Canada was the land of “Milk and Honey.” A few were disappointed and some returned home to Russia, some to the USA, while others migrated from the USA to Canada.

A number of years later a lapel pin was designed approximately the size of a Canadian five-cent piece, which is proudly worn by our members. In the center is a Canadian maple leaf and around the circumference is script identifying our chapter.

Through the foresight of Ken Engele, the Regina chapter was formed. Meetings took place initially in the Plains Centre at the University of Regina. Later meetings were held at the facilities of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, then at the German Canadian Society Harmonie, then at the Eureka Club and now at the Regina Senior Citizens Centre.

Our ancestors migrated into the various regions of Russia after 1736. Katherine the Great prompted this migration. An earlier migration from Germany into Moscow took place in 1701. These immigrants were responsible for the educating the children of the Moscow elite and Russian military.

Emigration from Russia to Canada started in the late 1800s and settlers came to Winnipeg, later moving into Saskatchewan and Alberta as the West opened. Some discontented newcomers went back to Russia and some moved to the USA. The Canadian-German settlers were the second largest group; the largest group was the Anglo-Saxons.

In 1984 the Regina and District Chapter hosted the International Convention of the A.H.S.G.R. Approximately 700 people from Germany, Spain, the USA and Canada enjoyed what is believed to have been the most successful International A.H.S.G.R. Convention.