Department of International Languages, U of R


Professor Michael Zimmermann



To study and promotion of German language and culture.


The Department of International Languages is a relatively new academic entity at the University of Regina. In 2002, the former Department of Germanic Studies amalgamated with three other languages areas (Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish) to form a larger, more diverse unit. For many years, during its existence as the Department of Germanic Studies, there existed a student-organized German Student Association. At present, students are working towards a revival of this club. Our Department offers Major, Minor, and Certificate programs in German. The newly created Certificate is a free-standing credential and can be obtained outside of a degree program. Thus, there is opportunity for those at university to expand the knowledge of German that they have acquired at home or in German school, as well as for those who have no prior knowledge of the language or culture but wish to learn more about it.


Each fall semester our Department organizes an international film series. German students sometimes meet at professors’ homes to share their potluck creations. A number of students participate in exchange programs to Germany (Canadian Summer School in Germany, University of Bonn, University of Mannheim) in order to improve their German and learn more about the culture. Many senior-level students apply to work as tutors and language lab assistants, enabling them to experience a very practical application of their knowledge. Members of the German Student Association meet socially on Thursday evenings to speak German and discuss common interests in German culture.