Resurfacing: Mennonite Floor Patterns


From September 27, 2023 to January 27, 2024 the exhibit will be presented at the Diefenbaker Canada Centre in Saskatoon.

Since 2001, Margruite Krahn has been unearthing historical floor patterns in Mennonite house-barns, documenting historical patterns from villages all over southern Manitoba. Her research has taken from Manitoba to Mexico to the Netherlands and back, discovering more about the patterns, the people who created them, and what they can tell us about Mennonite life around the turn of the twentieth century. Resurfacing: Mennonite Floor Patterns unearths this history, highlighting Margruite’s research, as well as her original artwork, which replicates these historical patterns for new audiences today.
Her most recent addition to this exhibit highlights the relationship between Mennonite women in Neubergthal, MB and women of the Roseau River Anishinaabe First Nation.
She pays tribute to her female forbearers who built, designed, and decorated the floors of their homes within an austere, male-led religious ideology, with economic restrictions.

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